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    Loutraki is the island's second port and the first the visitor will encounter on a ferry from Skiathos. It has some of the finest tavernas on the island, a splendid Byzantine church and tower, and the remains of Roman-era Selinous, in the vestiges of Roman baths and other structures still visible along the shore.
    Glossa is the most striking town on Skopelos, sharing its architecture with the villages of the Pelion, but its views with no one, except perhaps Palio Klima: the breathtaking vistas of the Skopelos coastline, Skiathos and beyond can be seen from its restaurants, bars, squares and even streets. It is as old as Skopelos Town, but its history is overshadowed by ancient Selinous, which stood on a hill
    Klima is more accurately two places, Palio (Old) Klima and Neo (New) Klima, also known as Elios. Palio Klima, off the road to Glossa, was largely razed by the 1965 earthquake, after which the inhabitants were moved to the sturdier ground of Neo Klima, also known as the port of Elios. Like its counterpart on Alonnisos, Patitiri, Elios was constructed to house those displaced by the earthquake. While
    Stafilos, named after the island's mythical founder, is one of the most protected beaches here. Nearby Agnondas, also a port, is very popular with islanders in summer.
    This is a picturesque village to the south of the island some 8 kilometres from Chora, with a sheltered bay and taverns. It offers safe anchorage and is never affected by the "Meltemia" winds.
    Events - Celebrations


    • January 1 New Year's day
    • January 6 Theophany or Epiphany
    • January 30 The Three Holy Hierarchs School holiday only
    • February 25 Saint Reginos Applies only to Skopelos
    • March Ash Monday Date varies each year
    • March 25 Greek Independence Day
    • April Good Friday Date varies each year
    • April Holy Saturday Date varies each year
    • April Holy Easter Date varies each year
    • April Easter Monday Date varies each year
    • May 1 Labour Day
    • June Holy Spirit Day Date varies each year
    • August 15 Assumption
    • October 28 "NO" day (Ochi)
    • November 17 Polytechneio School holiday only
    • December 25 Christmas
    • December 26 Synaxis of the Mother of God